Our Team

  • Marc Weller
    Founding Partner
  • Steven Siegel Head-shot B&W
    Steven Siegel
  • Demian Costa
  • Mike Gaffney Head-shot B&W
    Mike Gaffney
  • Matthew Rienzo Head-shot B&W
    Matthew Rienzo
    VP, Operations
  • Thomas Maulding
    VP, General Counsel
  • John Mastal
    VP, Investor Relations
  • Marc Broady
    VP, Community Affairs
  • Mary Wilkerson
    Vice President of Accounting
  • Kevin Sadowski
    VP, Development
  • Greg Hermandorfer Head-shot B&W
    Greg Hermandorfer
    VP, Construction
  • Erin May Head-shot B&W
    Erin May
    President, Weller Mgmt.
  • Laurie Davidow
    Sr. Property Manager
  • Scooter Monroe Head-shot B&W
    Scooter Monroe
    VP, Head of Office Leasing
  • Duke Fairchild
    Director, Finance
  • Adam Genn
    Director, Development
  • Anjelica Butcher
    Director, Hospitality and Events
  • Casey Larkin Head-shot B&W
    Casey Larkin
    Director, Construction
  • Matt Jahromi
    Director, Marketing
  • Jeff Baker
    Director, Development
  • Yasmine Doumi
    Innovation and Planning Director
  • Shawn Obermeier
    Director of Facilities and Grounds
  • Danielle Bennings
    Director, Strategic Communications
  • Diana Souder
    Director, HR