Conceptual Rendering of Phase 1 Development of Port Covington

Who we are

Weller Development is a privately-owned real estate development firm led by Marc Weller, a senior real estate executive with over 20 years of experience developing and building residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate projects. Placing human-centered design at the center of the brand, we are at the forefront of responsive environments and human-centric destinations – a method realized in our latest development venture, Port Covington.

Leveraging our team’s extensive experience, we offer a unique and powerful range of expertise as a comprehensive development firm. Our multi-disciplinary approach brings together specialized networks to create systematic solutions at all phases of development – from subterranean digital master planning to orchestrating sequential experiences on the ground level.

What we do

At its heart, a city is a system of systems. We believe when the human perspective is considered throughout the entire development process the urban experience is elevated. We call our development model CaaS – City as a Service. Led by human-centric design and fueled by robust technological infrastructures, we’re able to create truly responsive environments that set new standards of excellence and lead the world in the urban experiences of tomorrow.

Our Team

  • Mark Weller Head-shot B&W
    Marc Weller
    Founding Partner
  • Steven Siegel Head-shot B&W
    Steven Siegel
  • Mike Gaffney Head-shot B&W
    Mike Gaffney
  • Duke Fairchild
    Director, Finance
  • Matthew Rienzo Head-shot B&W
    Matthew Rienzo
    VP Operations
  • Jack Kelly Head-shot B&W
    Jack Kelly
    VP Development
  • Laurie Davidow
    Sr. Property Manager
  • Doug Speckmann Head-shot B&W
    Doug Speckmann
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Erin May Head-shot B&W
    Erin May
    President, Weller Mgmt.
  • Diana Souder
    Director, HR
  • Greg Hermandorfer Head-shot B&W
    Greg Hermandorfer
    Director of Construction
  • Shawn Batterton Head-shot B&W
    Shawn Batterton
    Director, Development
  • Scooter Monroe Head-shot B&W
    Scooter Monroe
    Director, Leasing
  • Thomas Maulding Head-shot B&W
    Thomas Maulding
    VP, General Counsel
  • Casey Larkin Head-shot B&W
    Casey Larkin
    Director, Construction
  • Adam Genn
    Director, Development
  • Karen Sterner
    Contracts and Compliance Counsel
  • Anjelica Butcher
    Director, Hospitality and Events

Awards and Mentions